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Development Variance Permits

What is a Development Variance Permit?

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is a permit required to vary regulations in a development bylaw (Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Bylaw, Parking Bylaw, and Sign Bylaw) such as building setbacks, height, or parking requirements. A DVP cannot be used to change the permitted uses or density of a property; for this, you must apply for rezoning. All DVP applications are subject to the approval of the Board. Once approved, a DVP is valid for two years.

What is the difference between the Board of Variance and a Development Variance Permit?

The Board of Variance addresses appeals for minor variances where compliance with the Zoning Bylaw would cause undue hardship. If you are requesting a significant variance and/or your reason for requesting a variance does not include a hardship rationale, a DVP application is likely more suitable. Staff can help you find the information you need to decide which application type is suitable for your situation.

To ApplY

  1. Prepare your documents, review the application requirements
  2. Book a pre-application meeting with a Planner at
  3. Prepare any further requirements following pre-application meeting
  4. Submit complete application package with all required documents, digital and hard copy (both are required). **Incomplete applications will not be accepted.**
  5. Pay the application fee. Fees will be accepted with a complete application package.

Application Review

  • Technical review: Planning staff review your complete application and request any other required information.
  • Statutory notification process: In accordance with Provincial legislation, neighbouring properties are informed of your application by mail and hand delivery.
  • SCRD board review: Staff prepare a report for Planning and Community Development Committee and SCRD Board review. Property owners within your neighbourhood have an opportunity to express their concerns at the PCDC meeting.
  • DVP issuance and Land Title Office registration: If approved by SCRD Board, a DVP is prepared and forwarded to the applicant. Notice of Permit is also forwarded to the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC for registration on title.


Development Variance Permit Application Form.

The cost depends on the type of application:

  • $500 - one dwelling, auxilary buildings or uses, single parcel
  • $150 - signs
  • $1000 - commercial, industrial, institutional