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Chapman Water System

Chapman Creek

The Chapman Creek watershed is approximately 7150 hectares in size, 6450 of which are located upstream of the intake. The creek extends 27 kilometers inland, with a maximum elevation of 976 metres above sea level. The surface area of Chapman Lake is approximately 34 hectares. The earliest flume was constructed by the Sechelt First Nations Band to transport drinking water to what is now modern day Sechelt. In 1967 the Sunshine Coast Regional District took over the water license from the Union Steamships, whom had originally obtained the license in 1929.

Chapman Lake has a storage capacity of 680 million litres, while Edwards Lake has a storage capacity of 720 million litres. On average, 4 661 999 m3 of water are extracted annually from Chapman Creek, varying from 200-320 litres per second. The water withdrawn from the creek provides approximately 98% of the water which is consumed throughout the Chapman Creek System. The recharge zone (the surrounding area that supplies the lake with water) of Chapman Lake is much greater than that of Edwards Lake, giving Chapman Lake a greater ability to recover from sustained dry periods of low or no precipitation. Edwards Lake can be accessed via the trail network found in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park which is 6000 hectares in size.

Water Treatment Plant

The Chapman Creek Water Treatment Plant is located at the top of Reservoir Road in Selma Park. In 2001, the SCRD received approval for a $3.8 million Canada/BC Infrastructure grant to construct the Chapman Creek Water Treatment Plant. Construction of the plant began in February 2003 by the Nason Contracting Group Ltd. The plant construction was completed and the structure was fully operational by March 2004 at a total cost of $7.3 million. The water treatment plant can process 24.5 million litres a day, while the reservoir has the capacity of just over 15 million litres.

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The Chapman Creek Water Treatment Plant has on-line meters which monitor a variety of indicators including:

  • pH and turbidity of raw water entering the Treatment Plant
  • flocculator pH,
  • streaming current,
  • temperature, and
  • chlorine residual in the reservoir.

Labratory tests are also conducted at the Treatment Plant on a daily basis. Some of these include:

  • pH, conductivity, turbidity, true colour and alkalinity of raw water
  • filter effluent pH, conductivity, turbidity true colour, alkalinity and chlorine residual from the reservoir
  • reservoir pH, conductivity, turbidity, true colour and chlorine residual from the tap in the lab

Water Storage

The Chapman Water System consists of 11 water storage reservoirs located in Electoral Areas B, D, E, F and the District of Sechelt.