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Islands Clean Up

The SCRD provides an annual clean up service for island residents on:

  • Gambier Island
  • Keats Island and nearby islands (e.g. Pasley, Popham, Ragged, Hermit)
  • Anvil Island
  • Trail Islands
  • Thormanby Island

This service includes both ‘on-land’ events for Keats Island, Gambier Island and Thormanby Islands as well as ‘Flag-Stop’ dock-to-dock service for water access-only residents on Gambier, Anvil, Keats and Trail Islands.

This service is typically held in the summer months each year. Service dates may vary from year to year due to contractor schedule and tides.

Materials collected each year are:

  • Household and durable garbage
  • Household recyclables
  • Scrap metal
  • Rotating ‘special recyclable items’ (e.g. in 2016 Electronic Waste, in 2015 Paint and Propane Tanks)

2017 Event Information


Date Time Island Event
Sat Aug 12* Start 7:00am Gambier and Anvil Islands - Flag Stop
Start at Avalon Bay at 7:00am, head toward: West Bay, Center Bay, Long Bay, Hope Point, Camp Fircom, Halkett Bay, Brigade Bay, Anvil Island, Douglas Bay, finish at Ekins Point area.
Sat Aug 26* Start 8:30am Keats Island – Flag Stop
Start at Melody Point at 8:30am, head east toward: Barnabus, Cotton Point, Ragged/Pasley Islands/Worlcombe/Popham/ Hermit/Sandy Beach, finish at Plumper Cove area.
Sat Aug 26 8:00am-5:00pm Keats Island
Keats Landing – Bins, Eastborne - Bins
Sat Aug 26 8:00am-5:00pm Gambier Island
New Brighton – Bins
Sat Sep 9 Start 8:00am Thormanby Island
Buccanner 8:00am, Vaucroft 11:30am
Sat Sep 9* Start 4:00pm Trail Island - Flag Stop
Start East Trail Island at approx. 4:00pm

2017 Schedule and Service Information

  • The 2017 schedule was primarily prepared based on tide limitations.
  • Mercury Transport Inc. is providing the barge services for the Islands Clean Up for 2017-2019.
  • Mercury Transport Inc. has the staffing and capacity to deliver excellent service.

On-land and Flag Stop Event Information

  • Check out this "How to Prepare" guide for important information
  • Residents are responsible for loading materials into the containers provided, or onto the barge.
  • Pre-sort household recycleables into categories listed on the accepted materials list.
  • Unattended materials will not be picked up.
  • Garbage, if bagged, must be in clear bags.

*Flag Stop Information & Registration

  • Must be registered no later than one week prior to the clean up event.
  • Register: 604.885.6806 or
  • The barge may arrive earlier or later than anticipated due to weather and tides.
  • Residents must be at dock to load materials onto barge. Unattended loads will be left.
  • Must display a flag or something bright that is visible from a long distance and in poor weather. Ensure that it is visible on the day of the event. E.g. yellow or red PFD.
  • Must move any boats out of the way for barge access.
  • Dates may change due to poor weather

2017 Materials Lists

This year's accepted materials lists for garbage, household recyclables and 2017 special items are below. Please review prior to events and follow the listed instructions.

Items Not Accepted - Frequently Asked Questions

Download this FAQ guide which explains why certain materials are not accepted in the Islands Clean Up service and what to do with these items.