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Groundwater Investigation study

Groundwater Investigation Study presentation by Waterline Resources Inc. presented to the 2017-OCT-19 Infrastructure Services Committee.

Staff Report

Report on Groundwater Investigation to Supplement Chapman Creek Water Supply by Waterline Resources Inc.

Stage 1

Staff held a kick-off meeting on January 27, 2017 with consultant, Waterline Resources Inc., to discuss phase 1 of the Groundwater Investigation study between Secret Cove and Langdale. The main purpose of this initial meeting was to review existing hydrogeology information and narrow down the focus to 3 to 5 locations within the existing water service area. The group reviewed Waterline’s online GIS mapping system and identified areas of interest that warranted further investigation. Team members eliminated several areas based on groundwater potential, water quality concerns, and engineering factors. Subsequent to this meeting Technical Memo #1 was issued by the consultant on February 20, 2017 which summarized four areas of interest that Waterline would be focusing on. These areas are East Porpoise Bay, Selma Park, Elphinstone, and Soames Point.

On March 27, 2017 staff attended a field survey with the consultant to review several locations within the study area to confirm the viability of the locations identified in Technical Memo #1. The following potential sites were visited: two sites in East Porpoise Bay, two sites in Selma Park, three sites in Elphinstone and one site in Soames Point. As a result of this field work, the consultant will be identifying in priority the sites that should be considered for test drilling which would be Stage 2 of this study.